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Our main purpose: Provide you as a canine parent with the necessary obedience tools to make living with your dog harmonious. 
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Our Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal humanity, has ever made.


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We Provide

behavior reinforcement, behavior modification, impulse control, positive reinforcement. And obedience training for dog handler and your family pet.


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We encourage dog training because obedience training will make livening with your dog easier and harmonious

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What we can do for you

What we do for you as a pet parent and your dog: We provide dog owners with basic obedience training (Handling) skills and tools, so you as a pet parent have the necessary skills and tools, to manage and to be in full control of your dog's behavior.

Why obedience training? A crucial fact is that, if you have never taught your dog to behave according to your house rules, your dog will never behave accordingly. (Dogs must be taught to behave according to house and social rules)

Our training staff

Our training staff will provide you as a canine parent, with all the necessary obedience tools you need to control your dog. In conjunction with our staff, we will teach you how to deploy the obedience commands effectively so your dog will listen and obey your voice commands. 

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what you and your dog will learn

For your dog to obey you as a dog owner, or dog handlers (Pet Parents) have to learn and, know the universal obedience voice commands (basic obedience commands) the following are the commands that you will learn and how to manage and deploy them to be in full control of your dog's behavior;

The Sit - Down - Stand - Heel/Walk  - Free - Go - Come and behavioral related issues.

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REASONS why you should train your dog


Have you ever tried to have a reasonable and logical conversation with your dog about its unacceptable social behavior and come to an elegant and logical solution? If your answer is no, our recommendation is to enroll your dog in a basic obedience class.


Are you aware that if you don't train your dog, your dog will train you and other family members? That is, your dog will modify your behavior to fit its needs and will. Generally speaking, your dog is seeking a pack leader, and that pack leader is you, our obedience training is structured to make you the pack leader.


The main purpose of all obedience training is to make living with your dog harmoniously, with proper training you as a pet parent can accomplish such objectives.


Further, training your dog is a socially responsible thing to do.  In some parts of the world especially in Europe, obedience training is mandatory, by state and city laws.  The rationale behind this approach is that dog owners are responsible and liable for their dog's behavior.


We like to tell our patrons, that the good news is that dogs like and are willing to be trained. Dogs are very fond of their owners, they will do anything to please their owners.  Including allowing you to train him/her, your dog is willing to let you train him/her because your dog loves to spend quality time with you.  And obedience training will help you accomplish that too.

Our Wholistic Dog Training Approach

It is important for us as dog owners to understand that dog training is not just or only about teaching your dog a set of commands. A more holistic approach would be to includes and involve all those in the orbit of the dog to participate in the training of the dog. 
The advantage of this approach is that it will unify every member of the family toward the same objective and purpose.  And will serve the needs of the dog and family best. The real purpose of obedience training is to make living with your dog easier and more harmonious. 

Canine Behavioral Issues We Assist You With

Besides basic obedience we also assist with the following canine behaviors: 


Digging, Chewing, Begging, Not Coming when called, Pulling on leash, Separation Anxiety, Whining for attention, Barking at the door, Jumping on people/visitors, Biting, Aggression, Barking all the time and others behavioral issues.

Boarding Training Available

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About our services


Canine Obedience Services
Included In Our Training Curriculum 


We assist with the following: Behavior reinforcement, behavior modification, impulse control, and positive reinforcement.  Basic obedience commands, Sit, Stand, Down, Come. Stay. Your dog will also learn, Leash-walking, No leash walking, Free/Break, Stop Pulling Leash,  

- Course Duration: 8 Weeks - Price: $800 - Visits: Twice a Week -

Included In Our Training Curriculum 

Dog Walking

Our Dog/Canine obedience training is designed so that you as a dog handler can have complete and total control over your dog's behavior. We will not only train your dog but most importantly train you as dog owner how to deploy the commands for maximum effectiveness.  


These classes will also provide you as a dog owner with the necessary skills to manage and handle the most common related dog behavioral issues.  

Our staff will use the Inside Out training approach, that is we will conduct these pieces of training in your home, and progress outside your home, and on the streets.


This approach is base on the fact that your dog is calmer and relax in his environment. The course duration is eight weeks.  The commands that you and your dog will learn to deploy are the following:  Sit, Down, Come, Stand, Go and Stay. 

- One dog - 15$ - The Hour - Two Dogs $ 30 The Hour -

Free Puppy Training Advice 

We also provide free puppy training advice, to the general public.  We limit puppy training to advise only because puppies are best served and benefit the most when puppy training is conducted by puppy parents.

We adopt this approach due that it is considered the best time for puppy parents to bond and established a healthy relationship with the puppy.

- Bonded And Insured -


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