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Dog Training

Our Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal humanity, has ever made.


-Roger Caras-


We Provide

behavior reinforcement, behavior modification, impulse control, positive reinforcement. And obedience training for dog handler and your family pet.


Our Services In Chicago Land Area/Down Town Chicago And Chicago


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Obedience Training

Greetings! We are passionate about dogs and dedicated animal lovers offering private Basic Obedience Training at the comfort of FIDO'S Home.

Our primary goal is to equip you, a devoted canine parent, with essential obedience tools, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with your furry companion.

We advocate for dog training as it significantly enhances the ease and harmony of living with your canine companion. Obedience training establishes a strong foundation for a positive and cooperative relationship between you and your dog, fostering a smoother and more enjoyable coexistence.

- Bonded And Insured -

About Us


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What we can do for you

What we offer as your trusted pet companion and your dog's guide: We equip dog parents with essential skills and effective tools for basic obedience training. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to skillfully manage and maintain full control over your dog's behavior.

Why prioritize obedience training? It's vital to recognize that without instilling the appropriate behavior in line with your household rules, your dog may not naturally adhere to them. Through training, we ensure that dogs learn and abide by both house and social rules, fostering a harmonious relationship between you and your furry friend.

Our training staff

Our expert training staff is dedicated to equipping you as a responsible canine parent with essential obedience tools, empowering you to effectively control your dog. Collaborating closely with our staff, we will guide you in mastering the art of deploying obedience commands, ensuring that your dog not only listens but also responds obediently to your voice commands.

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what you and your dog will learn

For your dog to obey you as a dog owner, or dog handler (Pet Parents) you have to learn and, know the universal obedience voice commands (basic obedience commands) the following are the commands that you will learn and how to manage and deploy them to be in full control of your dog's behavior;

Your dog will acquire essential commands such as Sit, Down, Come, Stand, Retrieve, and other behaviors crucial for a well-mannered canine companion.

Going for a Walk

REASONS why you should train your dog


Y Have you ever attempted to engage in a rational and logical discussion with your dog about its unacceptable social behavior, seeking an elegant and logical resolution? If the answer is no, we recommend enrolling your dog in a basic obedience class. :-)


Are you aware that if you don't train your dog, your dog might inadvertently train you and your family members? Indeed, dogs have a tendency to influence human behavior to meet their own needs and desires. In the canine world, they naturally seek a pack leader, and that leader is meant to be you. Our obedience training is designed to establish and reinforce your role as the pack leader.


The main purpose of obedience training is to live harmoniously with your dog. With proper training, you, as a pet parent, can accomplish this objective...
By investing time and effort in obedience training, you lay the foundation for a balanced and cooperative relationship with
 your canine companion. This not only enhances the overall quality of life for both you and your dog but also establishes clear communication and mutual understanding.


 Moreover, instilling training in your dog is an act of social responsibility. In various regions worldwide, particularly in Europe, obedience training is obligatory under state and city laws. The underlying principle is that dog owners bear responsibility and accountability for their dog's behavior. This approach not only enhances the safety and well-being of the community but also ensures that dogs can coexist harmoniously in shared spaces, reflecting responsible pet ownership.


We often share with our patrons the uplifting news that dogs not only enjoy but are also eager to be trained. Their deep affection for their owners makes them highly cooperative and willing to go the extra mile to please. Your dog is more than willing to engage in training because they cherish the quality time spent with you, and obedience training becomes a shared activity that strengthens your bond and enhances the overall enjoyment of your companionship.

Our Wholistic Dog Training Approach

IAs responsible dog owners, it's crucial for us to recognize that dog training extends beyond teaching a set of commands. A holistic approach involves integrating all members of the household into the dog's training orbit.

This inclusive strategy offers a distinct advantage by aligning every family member toward a common objective and purpose. It not only meets the needs of the dog but also serves the overall well-being of the entire family. The true essence of obedience training lies in making cohabitation with your dog more seamless and harmonious, fostering a bond that benefits both canine and human members of the household.

Canine Behavioral Issues We Assist You With

Boarding Training Available

Beyond fundamental obedience, our expertise extends to resolving a spectrum of canine behavioral issues. These include but are not limited to, digging, chewing, begging, reluctance to come when called, leash pulling, separation anxiety, attention-seeking whining, door barking, exuberant jumping on people or visitors, biting, aggression, persistent barking, and various other behavioral challenges.

Boarding training services are also offered to address and improve these behavioral concerns.


About our services


Canine Obedience Services
Included In Our Training Curriculum 


We assist with the following

We specialize in a comprehensive range of canine training services, tailored to enhance your dog's behavior and obedience skills. Our expertise encompasses:

Behavioral Enhancement - Behavior reinforcement - Behavior modification - Impulse control - Positive reinforcement

Basic Obedience Commands: Sit - Stand - Down - Come- Stay


Additionally, our program covers essential leash manners and commands such as:

Leash-walking - No leash walking - Free/Break - Stop Pulling Leash

Through our dedicated training approach, your dog will not only master fundamental commands but also develop positive behaviors and respond reliably to your cues.

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- Course Duration: 8 Weeks - Price: $800 - Visits: Twice a Week -

Included In Our Training Curriculum 

Dog Walking

Our Dog/Canine obedience training is meticulously crafted to empower you, the dog handler, with complete control over your dog's behavior. Beyond training your dog, our primary focus is to equip you as a dog owner with the skills to deploy commands effectively.  These classes go beyond basic obedience, offering you essential tools to manage common dog behavioral issues confidently.

Our training adopts the Inside Out approach, commencing in the familiarity of your home and gradually progressing to outdoor environments, including streets. This method capitalizes on your dog's calmness and relaxation in its own space. The course spans eight weeks, during which you and your dog will master essential commands, including Sit, Down, Come, Stand, Go, and Stay.

- One dog - 15$ - The Hour - Two Dogs $ 30 The Hour -

Free Puppy Training Advice 

 We provide complimentary puppy training advice to the public, focusing on guidance to empower puppy owners. However, we emphasize that the optimal benefits for puppies arise when their training is personally conducted by their owners. Our free advice serves as a valuable resource to enhance your understanding of effective puppy training practices.

We embrace this approach as it is widely regarded as the optimal time for puppy parents to foster a strong bond and establish a healthy relationship with their furry companions.

- Bonded And Insured -

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