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Yes: The smartest dog on the planet

"The most scientifically important dog in over a century."

Chaser has fascinated dog lovers and scientists alike. Her story reveals the potential for taking out dialogue with dogs well beyond "fetch."

When retired psychology professor John Pilley first got his new Border collie puppy, Chaser, he wanted to explore the boundaries of language learning and communication between humans and man's best friend. Exhibiting intelligence previously thought impossible in dogs, Chaser soon learned the names of more than a thousand toys and sentences with multiple elements of grammar. Chaser's accomplishments are revolutionizing the way we think about the intelligence of animals. John and Chaser's inspiring journey demonstrates the power of learning through play and opens our eyes to the boundless potential in the animals we love. (A must read for dog lovers) Article by: Brain Hare. (Book by Dr. John W. Pilley Jr. Ph.D and Hilary Hinzmann) (For more information about the book visit.

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