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To Know Your Dog

To Know How Dogs Learn And Comprehend

For you as a canine parent and us as obedience trainers to be successful, we/you have to understand how your dog comprehend and learn.  Knowing, how your pet friend learns will make, your training experience more pleasant. And certainly less stress-full. 

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What You Need To Know Before You Train Your Dog

Dogs Are Contextual Learners:

That dogs are contextual learners basically means, that dogs take cues from their environment to learn, comprehend and to remember.  These cues may be a picture hanging on the wall, the room that the dog is being trained in.  A typical example may be if you have trained your dog to sit in the living room, don't be surprised when you ask your dog to sit in the kitchen and he won't.  In other words, you need to teach your dog to sit in the kitchen from scratch. Hence your patience is highly required. Obedience training is seventy percent patients and twenty-five percent canine.
(For more on dogs as contextual learners: 

Repetition In Dog Training:

Repetition in dog/obedience training is imperative, without this tool your dog will wont learn anything.  If you want to imprint the voice command on your dog, repetition is the key and still your best option.  Hence, we recommend all dog owners to practice with your their dogs the learned command for at least fifteen minutes every single day.  Just as humans forget about fifteen percent of what they have learned dogs do. Practice is the key to keep your dog sharp. (Practice with your dog whenever the opportunity arises). 

Owners Assistance And Active Participation Are Required:

Obedience training and dog owners assistance goes hand in hand.  The fact of the matter is, without your assistance and cooperation in the process of obedience training, we're not going to be successful.  We need your cooperation and full participation for the following reasons: You are the person that spend more time with your dog, your dog eat from your hand, your dog existence depends on you. It happens to be that the bond that exists between you and your dog makes it much smoother training process.  Moreover, your dog knows you best and trust you best, finally, your dog enjoys licking you.articipation.

One hundred times rule:

One Hundred times rule, consist of the idea, that your dog will obey your voice commands without any hesitation after repeating and practicing the obedience commands for about one hundred times. The reality is that there is no magic to obedience training, as a pet parent you will see and enjoy the final result only after continuous and conscientious practice.


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