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Dogs with Attention Seeking Behavior

Attention Seeking Behavior

Acceptable when he wants to convey some message

Annoying, when you are busy with some important stuff

• Jumping on you

• Nudging, whining or pawing at you

• Pulling or nipping at your clothing

• Barking or dropping things

• Stealing household things

Causes of attention-seeking behavior in dogs

Reason 1: Rewarding

• Rewarding your dog’s inappropriate behavior

• When unwanted behavior of your dog is reinforced

Reason 2: Stealing

• Stealing items to get your attention

• Considers your reaction as attention

Reason 3: Bored

• Your dog doesn’t have sufficient options to engage physically and mentally

• Maybe trying to convey his boredom

Ways to manage the attention-seeking behavior of your dog

· Schedule a fixed time to interact with your dog

· Spend time playing with your dog

· Groom your dog

· Cuddle your dog

· Reinforce his good behavior by rewarding it

· Reward your dog acceptable behavior with treats, toys, petting, or playing with your dog. Teach your dog that your dog is loved when he performs the acceptable behavior

Other things you can do: Ignore him when he displays inappropriate behavior, turn your back to him acknowledge him when all his paws are on the ground, and Reward him immediately for his acceptable behavior.

Encourage friends & family to practice the same, ask them to interact with him, only when all his paws are on the ground.

Avoid physical punishment, interprets punishment as attention, further encourages this behavior in your dog.

Make sure he has an enriched environment, provide him sufficient age-appropriate toys, and stimulate your dog’s brain with food puzzle toys, if need be, consider hiring a pet sitter for your dog. (Our best advice would be to consult a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer).

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