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Top 10 Reasons to Train Your Dog

Some people couldn’t imagine a life without their best furry friend. A dog’s unconditional love can be one of the most rewarding things in life and it’s our job to set them up for success when facing the world. Dog training can improve the life of your pet, strengthen your bond together, create a fun and enjoyable activity for you to share, decrease and eliminate behavior issues, and even save your dog from potentially dangerous situations!

Teaching your dog basic commands such as “wait at the door” can save your dog from running out into a busy street. “Leave it” can save your pet from swallowing medication that was accidentally dropped on the floor.

Through positive reinforcement dog training, you can create mutual respect between you and your pet and teach him the tools he will need to be successful in any situation.

Top 10 Reasons to Train your Dog

1. Strengthens your bond 2. Communication skills will grow between you and your pup 3. Fun for your family and your pooch 4. Decreases and/or eliminates behavior issues 5. Provides enrichment and stimulates your pup’s brain 6. Gives your dog a “job” 7. A trained dog is six times less likely to be surrendered or returned to a shelter 8. Builds confidence in shy and fearful dogs 9. Creates less work for you in the long run 10. Enhances safety and can even save your dog’s life

(Article By: Written by Great Plains SPCA Director of Volunteers & Staff Development Ashley Flores)

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